5G-IOT Private Network

Upgrading & Connecting IoT's with 3GPP standards

5G IOT Gateway (5GIG)

5GIG is a specialized 5G IoT Network platform, where IoT’s are facilitated to become 5G device by augmenting them with 5G-UE-Stack and eSIM. Convert your IoT as 5G-IoT with remote 5GStack+SIM, without 5G spectrum. Device altogether works like a 5G phone and communicates data through the 5G network. This provides it 5G device capabilities and 5G advantages. In addition, it does not use 5G Radio path to communicate to gNB, rather communicates through IP connectivity to gNB. For this purpose gNB is further customized to connect to IoT’ devices through IP, thus eliminating the need of RF/antennae and 5G spectrum.

Cientra is providing a 5G IOT network system which is expandable PAN India with homogenous 5G standard. Its well designed interoperability allows customer to add any number of 5G IoT sub-systems. All are expected to adhere to the same 5G standards of Identity, Authentication, Security and Authorization procedure.

IoT’s are connected to Cientra system through aggregators, with M2M protocol for global standardization. Once it connects to aggregator, it tracks their status of the connection. With provisioned User-ID/Password, thereby it will LOGIN to the system. IoT will be provided with eSIM & 5G-Stack (soft phone) to get associated. With a LOGOUT, it can terminate the association of the 5G-Stack (soft phone) and the eSIM. For LOGIN, system will Register, Authenticate and Secure with 5G-Core and will create a context(shadow) in gNB for the device.


Challenges & Cientra Advantages of 5G-IoT Solutions

1. Owning 5G Network is costly? -Make a complete private Nation- wide 5G Network based IoT Solution, and/or Augment to existing Operator 5G Network
2. small investment? - IoTs Connectible with IP beyond geo-boundaries, IP-gNB is here. scale up with 1 Node
3. No 5G Spectrum? -Eliminates need of 5G spectrum for Network as well as for the IoT device. Use M2M and Deploy now!
4. Multi-Vendor incompatibility difficult? - Connect to any operator 5G RAN and Core & NEF feature will direct IoT to right Application live Server
5. 5G-SIM not FREE? -Upgrade IoT to 5G, even without SIM and get 5G NAS/Slice selection capability, making QoS better
6. My IoT is not 5G! -IoT gets a 5G-Stack and eSIM to operate as a 5G-phone through IP through IP-gNB
7. 5G OSS/BSS reusability - Flexibility to use proven 5G Existing Billing, AI/ML predictions etc and operator OSS can be shared/used.
8. No Infra? - No need of specific hardware. Solution is hostable in  cloud or within your Premise
9.  Want to Share 1SIM for multiple devices? - One eSIM to multiple IoT device on time sliced manner
10. Standardised Scalability - Maximum interoperability, scalability with standard 3GPP 5G Identity, Authentication, Security and Authorization Procedure


Convert your IOTs to 5G without hardware change

Upgrade your IOTs to 5G without HW change.

Easy process of converting your current IOT solution to 5G-IOT solution with M2M.

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