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An 5G Protocol Excellence

This is an attempt to provide excellence in 3GPP 38-series based 5G Protocol stack expertise to secure your future. Our trainers have experience of servicing Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, Nokia, Radisys, Rohde & Schwarz, Cisco, Mavenir, Mediatek, Zebra Technology, Aricent, Sasken, L&T Infotech, etc companies.Since it is a vast area, we have split it into smaller fields of expertise.This is helpful for developers as well as protocol stack testing community as specification level knowledge is required for both.

We recommend you follow the following sequence: 1.Architecture and Call Flows, 2.PHY, 3.L2, 4.L3-RRC, 5.L3-NAS, 6.RAN-XnAP, NgAP, 6.Core1, 7.Core2, 8.SDN/NFV, 9.nb-IOT, 10.D2D/V2X and so on.

We will start this service soon. Watch our space!!

Fun 5G Question!

1.What are the 5G nodes names which replaces MME, PGW and PCRF of 4G?
2.Which Nodes Verify your Slice request list. Name 3 in the order of sequence.
3.In 5G which layer SDU concatenations are done? Which layer ensures SDU reordering ?
4.In MAC PDU, what comes first- MAC CE or MAC SDU? Tell in both UL and DL PDU?
5.How many numerology is defines in 5G. Which Numerology is same as 4G-LTE?
6.In 5G, what is the smallest and  Biggest number of RB possible?
7.What is the fastest response(Ack) time possible in 5G?
8.In Downlink OFDMA is used. What technology is used in Uplink?
9.How many symbols do PSS and SSS each take? How many symbols apart do they come?
10.What is the smallest and biggest time gap between PSS and SSS possible?

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