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Standard 3GPP IoT Architecture

5G design of IoT provides solutions to all challenges of IoT solutions. Challenge could be of inter-operability of any other device with standard protocol, or low/high  data rate requirement, or battery sustainability to years, or getting continuous coverage for connectivity through eSIM roaming, or utilizing cellular coverage, 5G solves them all.

Interoperable Platform 

In our 5G IoT design, every entity has a Software platform. Choose your entity and platform, which will work with all other entities of any other suppliers. Solution entities must be tested/ioteroperable as per the protocol standards.

Our Solution - How we can help

1.       You can buy any IoT Device (With Sensors, Actuators and wireless connectivity) 

2.       Wireless Connectivity (Wireless integrator – may be 4G or 5G nb-IoT) 

3.       It can be connected to any IoT Integrator/Servers (Optional CSGN/SCEF etc..) 

4.       It will pass through IoT Server with NMS Operations 

5.       One can use OpenStack based NFV to create NMS/OSS/BSS to use and sub-lease. AI/ML business Analytics on BSS to expand business and operate intelligently. 

6.       Make IoT Controller (preferably a Mobile APP in your mobile) 

7.       Our 5G IoT design suggests the 7-OSI-layer communication design for Next generation IoT. One company may stick to one entity (or multiple entities), and within that stick to one specific layer (or multiple layers) solution.

After clearly identifying the device/business solution area, one can implement the solution clearly, we can design platform to customers. We may also help as integrator and can integrate the solution for customer and customize the solution.