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NMS-OSS-BSS Solutions

NMS, OSS, BSS and AI/ML Analytics

Having your own server will give you benefit of having your own Network Management System. We can build a Operations Support System (OSS)  for your network of nodes. The user subscription data or use activity data can be analysed with AI/ML and that cab ne used for further intelligent business decisions.

 Take 5G Virtualization Benefits. We have team of engineers who understands the 4G/5G infrastructure and its functioning and operations. Team understands the NMS (Network Management System) designed to manage network. Any system providing network service needs OSS (Operations support System). You need to add/delete/modify a subscriber, monitor growth of network and administer the network. Also, you would like to derive what to expand and what either drop or not to expand. You need analysis of the database created by NMS and  OSS. We can  apply analytics and matured AI/ML to give you right derivation of the business. 

 Create your own Service network remotely and virtually in 5G
   Create Your own Network OSS/ BSS
   HW/SW capacity/BW will be shared/rented.
   Sub-leases and re-sub-lease
   Intermediate New operators will be borne with on-demand services.
   Orders can be expected either from equipment Vendors or Operators or directly sub-operators.


OSS Elements
    •Provisioning, Inventory Management
    •Device/Network Mgmt, Fault Mgmt
    •Mediation/Billing/Accounting, Online Charging

BSS Elements
    •CRM – Cust Contact, Product Catalog, Order fulfilment, Assurance, Billing, Payment
    •Billing, Rating, FM, RA