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4G/5G UE/RAN/Core IMS/IoT/D2D Training and Excellence

5G Development & Solutions/Services to you

FiveG prepared the C++/Linux experienced engineers with 3GPP specification knowledge. They can practice hands-on in our LTE/ NR protocol stack for L1 , L2 , L3 and above stacks. Our team can help creating and enhancing stack for UE and RAN and Core network. 
FiveG is striving to bring the benefits of 5G faster to you so that you are 5G enabled. It will certainly make your operations efficient and convenient. No matter what your domain of operations, it's arrival will impact you. Our teams are working on various feature usage in the areas of 5G stack of modem, Radio Network, Core Network, IMS/RCS, Application Servers for location, broadcast, chats, Audio/Video calls, D2D/V2X, IoT etc many areas. Devices can talk to people and among devices themselves intelligently to make your operations needs fulfilled most timely and efficiently.
Today there can be many solutions to your company efficiency improvement, but it is important that customer has right long term solution with standardized protocol so that it can interact with any other device seamlessly without getting stuck with one supplier. This is required at device connectivity level solutions as well as human communication level too. Thank fully over more than last 2 decades, 3GPP, GSMA, OMA, IETF have worked tirelessly to standardize protocols for seamless connectivity. That's where we combine all technologies to give you flexibility.
FiveG provides solutions and resources for support or augmentation. We have labs for 5G 3GPP/IETF feature developments of various aspects of solutions combining cellular IoT, RCS, Voice/Video, detect/discovery and automation of requirements. 
Our Areas of Solutions and Support are...
        5a. Modem L1,L2,L3 stack development and testing as per 3GPP releases.
        5b. 4G/5G RAN and Core stack development and testing as per 3GPP releases. .
2. VoIP/RCS Stack
        1a. Client with SIP/SDP/RTP/RTCP protocol stack development and Testing
        1b. Server with SIP/SDP/RTP/RTCP protocol stack development and Testing
        1c. VoIP/Messaging based on IMS/RCS server and various Application Servers with or without IMS.
        2a. Design, development and testing with WebRTC, SIP, MSRP, IMAP, RTP/RTCP, MQTT, CoAP etc..
        2b. UX/UI customized design for Windows, Linux, Android or iOS etc OS with C/C++/ ObjectiveC / Java/JavaScript languages.
               2c1. Whatever is your business, we give you/employees with Company App with automating operations
               2c2. With your own secure Server and Secure client application, no body can hamper your data.
               2c3. Your APP and Server is like your enhanced Web-Site with  easier operation.
        3a. IoT Stack/Platform for devices and through them manage an ecosystem of communication/reporting of devices.
        3b. IoT Service  useful for almost any and every industry like wearables, healthcare, industry automation etc..
5. YOUR own NMS/OSS/BSS with AI/ML for Biz  Enhancement
        6a. Your own NMS/OSS/BSS will enable you to enhance you business intelligently.
We provide training and hands-on practice for development and testing of the specifications by 3GPP, GSMA, IETF or OMA. Developers and testers will hone their skills by implementing features and solutions in live projects. Corporate trainings can be also given to our clients engineers.

Stack development and Testings supported

MFAR Silvertech, Whitefield

  • UCaaS Solutions
  • IoT/D2D/V2X Solutions
  • 4G/5G Modem and NW
  • NMS/OSS/BSS Services
  • Training and Labs

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