5G 3GPP Dev+Test Solutions/ Training

5G UE/RAN/Core Stack Protocol Excellence

Testing Services

Cientra is a focussed Services company. It has following areas of testing Services..

1. 3GPP Protocol Testings

        1. 4G/5G Modem Protocol Testing

        2. 4G/5G eNodeb/gNodeb Protocols Testing

        3. 4G/5G EPC Testing

2.UCaaS Client/Server Testing

         1. SIP/SDP/MSRP/RCS Client Testing

         2. SIP/SDP/MSRP/RCS Server Testing

3. IoT Client/Server Testing

        1. IoT nB-IoT Protocol Testing

        2. MQTT/CoAP Protocol Testing

        3. D2D/V2X Protocol Testing

4.OSS/BSS/O&M Deployment Testing

        1. O&M deployment/configuration and Testing

        2. OSS Creation, Setup, Configuration and Testing

5.Testing Automation

        1. Testig Automation Tool Framework design/development and Testing

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