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5G Excellence Centre

Industry is applying 5G design and applications, impacting across industries, not only telecom but healthcare, transport, automotive, transport, industry automation, utilities, entertainment etc through uRLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Apps like Drones, defense systems etc), mMTC (nB-IoT based Automation, wearables, Govt Utilities etc), eMBB (High Speed Apps – AR/VR, 4k/8k streaming etc).

Our Value Added Services - To make you successful, we identify your requirement and fulfil. Continuous OpenSource PoC development and tool based hands-on Training is key to success. According to your requirements we upgrade engineers 3GPP domain and development/testing skills. Depth and breadth of 3GPP is provided to the engineers to be able to contribute to projects immediately. We upgrade engineers as per 3GPP series 36, series 38, series 23, series 24 etc for RAN and NAS Core both including IoT, C-V2X with Application Servers and Application usage.

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