4-5G 3GPP Dev+Test Platform

4G/5G UE/RAN/Core IMS/IoT/D2D Training and Excellence

Unified Client of VoIP/RCS-IoT-D2D

Unified Client of D2D, IoT, RCS/VoIP

Most solution will require either VoIP or RCS or IoT or D2D or any combination of these. Requirement is to identify a companies needs and architect the solution accordingly. For many of the services, all you  need is a smart client which will serve  you what you need. This requires customizing the Application layer with appropriate business logic, which will utilize the underneath  technology and protocol. Our team will do that to provide appropriate solution.

D2D Platform

D2D Proximity Services (for Automotive IoT?)

D2D Proximity services specified by 3GPP 24.303 and 24.334.
•Implemented UE PC3 user to server protocol.
•Implements both Server as well as Client Applications.
•L1/L2 chipset comes from Chipmakers (like Qualcomm)
•PHY/L2 layer is simulated by Internet(IP) Layer.
•Implemented Registration, Location update, Discovery of the nearby user etc.
•Proximity Server Development is completed and it accepts Registrations.
•V2X can be Implemented on  top of this.
•C++/Linux platform on Windows, Linux, Android or iOS.
Platform  is industry/domain agnostic. It can be Automotive, Transport, Industry-Automation etc.. This can enhance itself to implement V2X