5G 3GPP Dev+Test Solutions/ Training

5G UE/RAN/Core Stack Protocol Excellence

Development Services

Cientra is focussed on UCaaS/IoT Development Services. It will help more efficiently in the following areas of Development

1.UCaaS Client/Server Development

         1. SIP/SDP/MSRP/RCS Client Development   

               Protocol,  Biz-Logic, API, UI/UX etc..

         2. SIP/SDP/MSRP/RCS Server Development

2. IoT Client/Server Development

        1. IoT nB-IoT Protocol Development

        2. MQTT/CoAP Protocol Development

        3. D2D/V2X Protocol development

3.OSS/BSS/O&M Deployment Development

        1. O&M deployment/configuration

        2. OSS Creation, Setup and Configuration

4. 3GPP Protocol Testings

        1. 4G/5G Modem Protocol Development

        2. 4G/5G eNodeb/gNodeb Protocols Development

        3. 4G/5G EPC/Core Protocols Development

5.Testing Automation Development

        1. Testig Automation Tool Framework design/development


UCaaS platforms

Our Platforms will help you create your products what you need. 5G is based on Service based architecture. Many services and platforms will be unified and permutation and combination of these platform services will fulfil your requirements. We help you unifying the platforms and achieving your goal of the organisation. We have platforms for both clients and servers for :: 1. SIP/SDP for Voice/Video, 2.RCS for Rich Messaging, 3.nB-IoT(MQTT/CoAP), 4. flexible UI/UX to customize your user experience, 5.D2D/V2X for discovery/communication/Location based solutions and 6. Flexible to make any 3GPP/IETF/OMA based platforms.