4-5G 3GPP Dev+Test Platform

4G/5G UE/RAN/Core IMS/IoT/D2D Training and Excellence



You might have either an APP or website or both, through which you are efficiently running the  company operations. They can be unified into one APP and more can be added with VoIP, messaging system, controlling your IoT's etc.

Your business may be from any industry, be it in any of the following like..

  • IT Industry 
  • Telecom Industry
  • Banking and finance Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Avionics Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Any Civic body/ Govt Agency/ Utility Board
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Any factory
  • Entertainment Industry, OR
  • Almost any industry...

In any industry, one needs to monitor/supervise/control the devices, facilities, manpower etc. You may want to automate communication by voice, video, messaging, sensors/actuators of IoT's and unify all the services into one controller for everyone. 

We have multiple platform to serve your requirements based on  3GPP/IETF protocols which makes our solution interoperable with any other solution as long as that follows universal standards.